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Commission Prices/Examples

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  • Payment upfront via squarecash or paypal invoice

  • SFW, suggestive, or NSFW themes accepted! If you are unsure about what I will/won’t draw please ask!

  • Prices are per character, if you’d like something with one of my characters, take 50% off the extra character price~

  • Small additional fees may apply for complex designs/clothing/accessories etc - any fees will be clearly discussed before payment is accepted

  • Feel free to inquire about something not listed, I’m happy to give quotes anytime!

  • Please read full TOS before commissioning, which can be found here.


Sketch lines, simplified, no BG, undersketch showing

Order Form

Full body, spot color- $50 per character

Full body, flat color- $80 per character


More refined lines, full color/details, simple spot color BG

Order Form

Full body, monotone color- $80 per character

Full body, full color- $120 per character


Simplified style, with outline and transparent BG

Order Form

Full body, full color- $70 per character


*A page generally has about 4-5 "main" poses with a few extra detail shots. Please allow for a lot of artistic freedom with this kind of commission.
Sequential pages will be an additional $150 to the total price.

Order Form

Uncolored, lines only- $200 per character

Full color- $350 per character